About Us

Board of Directors

The Charlotte Children’s Center Board of Directors is made up of a group of 6-7 parents and community members whose main responsibility is to appoint the director of the Center and then review the director’s performance on an annual basis. The board is also responsible for providing guidance with the fiscal management and establishment of the policies of the Center.

The Board meets at the Children’s Center one evening each month. Each board member commits to a two year term, though they may choose to extend their term. Parents interested in joining the Board should speak to one of the current board members. Meet the current board of directors:

Jeff Herzberger and his wife Amanda have lived in Charlotte for five years and their daughter Norah has been at the center since May 2014. Their second daughter will be joining the center soon! Currently vice President, Jeff has enjoyed his board service and the opportunity to shape policy and decision making at the school. He feels working on the board provides for a great connection to the school and allows for a higher level of involvement in his children’s education. Jeff is the president of the Board.

Sarah Andriano joined the board in 2018. She and her husband have lived in Charlotte since 2012. Her older daughter, now at CCS, spent five wonderful years at Charlotte Children’s Center. Her younger daughter is in the Adventurer Room. Sarah is a strong believer in the Center’s commitment to providing a high quality childcare and preschool experience, and appreciates its connection and importance to our community. Sarah currently serves as Vice President of the Board.

Averell Withers moved to Charlotte with his wife and family in the Summer of 2016 and he joined the CCC Board in the following Fall. With three young daughters, one of whom attends CCC, Averell has a vested interest in seeing the center continue to thrive and offer a high quality educational experience for the community’s children.

Doug Brines joined the Board in spring 2016. He and his family live in East Charlotte, and Doug has a law office in So. Burlington. He is thrilled to serve an institution that his daughter loves so much and has been so supportive for her. Doug serves as the secretary of the Board.

Sarah Wannop lives with her family in Charlotte. Her two children have been attending CCC since 2016. Sarah joined the Board in September 2017 as a way to stay involved in her community. She hopes to take an active role in fundraising which will contribute to the overall well being of the center by making improvements that directly affect our children.

Sarah Bouchard joined the board at the end of 2017. She lives in Monkton with her family and has loved seeing both her children flourish through all the classrooms at the center. She looks forward to helping CCC further their mission to provide high quality and innovative early childhood education while balancing the needs of the children, families and dedicated staff.

Beth Cullen has lived in Charlotte since 2015 and her son Ben has been at the Center for about 2 years. She has two older daughters in fourth and sixth grade at CCS. Beth joined the board in 2019 to foster the wonderful parent-teacher community at CCC and ensure the school’s sustainability into the future.